New-energy Vehicles


Application Case

Magnets are widely used in the automotive industry.They can be in ABS braking control system, automatic clutch, electric window mechanism, windshield wiper motor, directional lighting control, seat sports machine, automatic parking equipment, seat belt use, generators, found in interior space closure.Our automotive magnets have all the dimensions, styles and materials needed for applications.We can customize the service for you if it does not meet your required inventory size.


Technical Requirement


220 years


35UH, 38UH, 35EH, 38EH

Magnetic Flux Consistency

Testing fux in the same testing equipment in the room temperature. The maximum deviation     value of flux is less than3%

Thermal demagnetization

Test conditions; baking 2 hoursin 180C

Eligibility criteria: The average value of the fluw ireversible loss is less than 1% in the same motor, and the fux   freversible loss of single magnet is less than 2%

Weight Loss

HAST Testing(unsaturated humidity, without coating)

Test conditions: Temp:120C. Pressure: 0.27MPa Humidity: 80% Testing time. 240hours.

Eligibility criteria: the average value of weight loss is less than 2mg/cm? in the same motor, and weight loss of single    magnet is less than 3mg/cmf


High Temperature Resistant Testing:

Test conditions : baking 2 hoursin 250C

Eligibilty criteria: no blistering and no discoloring


Cold and Hot Shock Testing

Test conditions : keeping 150C for 30mins, and then keeping -50^C for 30mins which is one cycleTesting 240 cycles.Eligibility criteria: no peeling, 

no blistering and no rust


Test conditions:

Temp :85*C. Humidity : 85%. Testing time: 240hoursEligibility criteria: no peeling,

no blistering and no rust


PCT Testing(saturated humidity, with coating)

Test conditions: Temp:120*C. Pressure: 0.27MPa. Humidity: 100%. Testing time: 168hoursEigibility criteria: no peeling,

no blistering and no rust


Salt Spray Test

Test conditions: Temp.:35″C. NaC:.5%. PH:6.5-7.2, Testing time: 2300hoursEligibility criteria: no peeling,

no blistering and no rust